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Manufactures of Customs Parts
Since 1999

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Full Service Factory, Low to High Volume Precision Stamping and Injection Molding

The RPI Alliance Group manufactures quality custom parts in the most efficient and cost effective way by selecting the right process for your projects.   
Our US sales team and engineering group service four qualified factories in the US and around the world that have been certified by our manufacturing experts.
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RPI Alliance Group Offers:
Manufactures Processes
Metal Stamping                                                             Casting
Progressive Die Stamping                         Injection Molding
Deep Drawings                                                    Laser Cutting
Milling / Machining                                             CNC Bending
Pipe Flange                                            Electrophoretic Paint
Barrel Hoop                                          Electrostatic Spraying
Plating                                                            CNC Punch Press

Our Quality Policy

We regard quality as the foundation of our work.  Our inspection Technologies System provides us with enhanced imaging and measurement capabilities for inspection or analysis.
The RPI Alliance Group is committed to Customer Satisfaction with Consistent Quality, On Time Delivery, Compliance to the Industry, Regulatory Standards, and Continually Improving the Quality Management System.

The RPI Alliance Group
Logistics, Inventory Management, OEM, Prototyping, Assembly and Sub Assembly, Welding (Tig & Mig), Custom Packing and Design, Value Engineering Analysis​